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Coffee seeds are planted and grown at nurseries until the tiny trees are mature enough to be distributed to farmers across growing regions Bani Matar, Haraz, and, where this seasonal selection is from, Haimah.

After a few years, coffee trees are ready to give fruit. Ripe cherries are picked and scattered across a large perforated cloth strung on a raised hollow table to dry evenly over the sun for a few days/weeks.

The dried cherries are taken to be sorted by size and then husked & winnowed of remaining coffee skin. The beans are then taken to be mechanically sorted by size with The double a coffee preferred size being the largest. The beans are then taken to be sieved to remove broken beans, quakers, and shells (otherwise in the coffee industry known as elephant ears).

The final stage is sorting and cleaning by hand and it’s done by a community of local women, where black, broken, or other defects which may have been missed by mechanical means are removed, and then bagged in Ecotact/GrainPro hermetic bags to preserve their freshness.

Yemen Haimi coffee has a marzipan, cocoa, dried apple, and light cherry flavour, with a full-body and balanced bitter-sweetness. We suggest letting the coffee rest for 10 days or more after its roast date so the flavours have time to develop, and freshly grinding prior to brewing.

Goes very well with espresso or HARIO V60 and other pour-over methods, Cafflano® Kompact, and Aeropress, or with milk beverages.

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